Fresh grape juice

5 September 2018

Ok, it’s not exactly a recipe, as it is so obvious. And also, you will need a steam juice extractor.

But it’s seasonal, it’s harvesting everywhere and it’s very easy to buy crates of ripe grape.

You can use some sugar of course (50g/kg of fruits), but ideally use some birch sugar (xylitol, 45g/kg) or some agave syrup : they are healthier, and have a low glycemic index. And of course, choose organic grape…

In average, 1kg of grape will make 1 liter of juice.




  • Grape
  • 45g of birch sugar
    or 35g of agave syrup
    for each kg of grape

Wash the grape and remove the stems.

Pour the agave syrup or xylitol in the collector of the extractor juice, and the grape in the sieve.

Cook on medium heat for 45mn, then pour in sterilized bottles (to sterilize, fill up the bottle with boiling water and wait ten minutes). Close the bottles while the juice is still hot, to be able to keep them longer.

Idea: To perfume the juice, you can add three lemon verbena sprigs in the collector before cooking.

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