12 January 2021

Ghee (ayurvedic clarified butter)


To start this new year on healthy foundations, we have decided to talk to you about the ghee. The ghee is a clarified butter, from which water, impurities, lactose and proteins have been removed. It’s appropriate for lactose free diets. Ghee is the Gold of ayurvedic medicine and it has been used for millennia in the Indian cuisine, to cook, roast and fry. It has a delicious taste of hazelnut and multiple properties. Made up of saturated short chain fatty acids, it doesn’t turn rancid, and doesn’t oxidize. It doesn’t blacken during the cooking process and is the most stable fat, even at high temperatures. It can be stored at room temperature for months in an airtight container. Its level of absorption is closed to 96%, it’s the highest of all oils and fats. It penetrates the finest cellular levels and has detoxifying, purifying, rejuvenating, and regenerating action. It also improves the immune system. For those reasons, the ghee is regarded as an excellent medium to the active properties of used aromatics, herbs and spices, that can be assimilate more easily by the body. The ghee is essential to healthy cooking. It can be used as you want, to cook meat or fish, in rice or vegetables or in pastry instead of butter. Even on toasts……

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11 December 2020

Pieces of deer meat with sauce grand veneur

Main courses

Even if you are only 6 for dinner, you may have not one crumb left ! Everything is easy in that recipe, the only difficulty is to be well organized, because there are a lot of different things to cook separately. For that reason, prepare the pears and the sauce in advance is really helpful.…

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21 October 2020

Hummus and pita bread


Great classic of Lebanese food, hummus and pita bread are also the stars of dinner aperitif… And even if reunions are limited in terms of people, they must not be limited in terms of tastes……

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8 September 2020



Allow the summer to last with those little Greek cheese turnovers. If you don’t have Mizithra, you can also use Feta……

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18 August 2020

Mizithra (greek cheese)


Back from Crete where I have loved eating  Mizithra or Feta at every meal, including breakfast, I can’t resist to share the recipe that I’ve learn over there. Forget about industrial Feta, try Mizithra and you should become an unconditional. It’s incredibly simple, you just have to mix the ingredients and wait. The hardest part is to find raw milk and rennet. I use rennet in powder, (that must imperatively be diluted in a small glass of water), but you might also find it liquid. For the raw milk, you can find a goats breeder, or ask your favorite cheese dairy.…

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