About us

Who we are…


Carole-Anne is an editor, a book writer, a talent researcher, a project developer and a dreamer.

Liliroze is a photographer, an artistic director, a DIY enthusiast … in love

Fabrice is a producer, a director, a webmaster and a Swiss Army knife.



Why ?


We love to eat!
We especially enjoy sharing meals.
We love having numerous guests over until dawn. True, often times these are followed by difficult mornings (all the more so as we never managed to teach our children how to sleep in), however we would never give up these precious moments!


We love to cook, to eat well, to make beautiful dishes- even healthy ones sometimes!-, and above all we love any dishes that are simple and quick to prepare.


Of course, we like good wine too!
Sometimes we will strive to find the right wine, creating a perfect harmony, one that magically exalts the flavors, plays contrasts in a subtle balance, and enchants our simple dishes.
But above all, we enjoy seeing how good wine brings our guests together and cheers them up. We love the joyous melody of glasses clinking, festive conversations, feeling people slowly unwiding.


As much as we can, we will sugest a combination 1 wine / 1 recipe. We will choose bottles from our personal wine cellar, some of which were carefully chosen and offered by our friends and family. We don’t claim to be sommeliers here, just epicurians!


We also want to transmit the taste of good meals to our children, helping them learn how to eat well.


We like bouquets of fresh flowers, we like to day dream watching fairy lights that remind us of a starry summer sky on a terrace.
We like to bring a little magic in a world that doesn’t always go round.
Truly, we love to fill the belly of our friends and families!





Of course, we are not Chefs! We belong to this group of people who cook through instinct: by tasting, adding and trying again. The most difficult exercise for us will therefore be to deliver precise recipes. So we will be working hard on it.


However, sometimes you will have to trust your own instinct, and trust yourself… just a little!


For example: ovens … Nobody ever talks about them, everyone just follows the recipes precisely.
30 minutes at 180 ° C. OK. ! We set the timer and we leave. When we are back: it’s either overcooked, undercooked, too soft or downright burned!
So let us cry out loud and strong here: no ovens are alike! Some are roughly “normal,” others warm up like bonfires, when other ones would barely cook anything.
Mine, for example: if I want to make pastry, I can only use one thermostat: 1 out of 8! If I use any other one, the bottom burns and the top is not cooked. So we will (almost) never have a precise temperature. For us a “soft fire, medium fire, or hot” is a better indication! You just have to watch a little …





Here, you will find simple recipes that have been tested, approved, and proven! Recipes combining a zest of originality with romantic and bucolic atmospheres, resembling us.
Sometimes, mayday one day, we will also share cravings captured on the spur of the moment: small and great pleasures, be it trips, restaurants, exhibitions, provided we like them! Stay tuned!


We also are translating our textes ourselves. So please be indulgent and if ever a translation should make your skin crawl, try to say it out loud with a french accent, it will soften your feelings.


And last but not least, we don’t know ourselves what we will come up with so be prepared for many surprises!


Invent, modify, add, taste … Tell us … Share …

As Harriet Van Horne said, (we don’t know who she is either!) “Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”