Little herbarium of wild aromatic plants

#2 Wild garlic

29 April 2019

The wild garlic, or bear’s garlic (Allium ursinum), grows at the end of winter, in wet and shaded places, or near small streams. It releases a strong fragrance of garlic. It can be used in pesto, raw or cooked, to perfume salads, soups, gratins, omelets, cheeses, risottos… It’s delicate taste is a delight.

But be very careful not to be confused with lily of the valley, colchicum or wild aromas, that are poisonous and deadly. But when it blooms, between April and June, the flowers (which can be eaten too), are very specific and allow not to be mistaken.

Learn how to differentiate one from another before picking them.

Find some random links below to learn everything about the wild garlic.

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